The department holds lectures/classes as part of the Bachelor's and Master's Curriculum of "Civil Engineering" and "Environmental Engineering and Ressource Management (UTRM)".

In the Master's program the focus is on engineering hydrology. The basic knowledge, imparted in the Bachelor lectures, are explored further. This takes place in the courses "Deterministic Hydrology/Modelling" and "Stochastic Hydrology". In the lecture series "River Basin Management" modern methods of water management (system analysis, integrative water management in consideration of technical, ecological and social factors, multicriterial decisions, optimization of water management systems) are taught.

Additional courses, like hydraulics, geographical information systems, dam and waterway engineering, as well as project management (with focus on developing and threshold countries), assure an extensive scientific education.

All courses are taught in German. If you are interested in the detailed curriculum, please take a look at the german website .