Ausgewählte Vorträge 2016

Ausgewählte Vorträge 2016

"Limit Theorems of Robust Estimators for EGARCH processes using U-Statistics" von M.Sc. Svenja Fischer,

12th German Probability and Statistics Days, Bochum, 01.03- 04.03.2016.


"Characterisation of seasonal flood types according to timescales in mixed probability distributions" von M.Sc. Svenja Fischer,

StaHy 2016, Quebec, Kanada, 25.09.-26.09.2016


"Detecting climatic coherences in hydrological time series using ordinal patterns" von M.Sc. Svenja Fischer,

CMStatistics 2016, Sevilla, Spain, 09.12-11.12.2016 (invited)